Sunday, 14 August 2016

Photography and our Blog

Just in case you're wondering.

Most of the time spent putting our blog together has nothing to do with writing it. The vast majority of the time is spent in dealing with the photographs. I will explain:

All the photographs I take are stored on the CF card in the camera as Canon RAW files (CR2). This maximises the amount of detail available in the image. However, you wouldn't find them very attractive to view. As CR2 is a propriety format that could become outdated, I also need the photographs in a format less likely to be outdated in the future.

I copy all the files on the CF card onto an external hard drive. I then convert the CR2 files into Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) format, so now I have two types of RAW file available to work on - or just to store.

I then process each photograph I've taken (using the CR2 files as a basis). Here I can set parameters such as white balance, colour stauration, vibrance - and many others. I only do a quick edit for the blog as I don't have time for anything else.

I then convert all the processed photographs into TIFF format and also into a reduced size JPG format (for the blog).

Panoramic scenes are also worked on and these take a long time to stitch together.

I then have to upload the selected photographs to the blog page on which I'm working and sometimes the internet connection is very slow and it takes forever to get them on line.

Processing hundreds of photographs does take some time. I usually have very limited computer / internet time to get the blog on line, hence the delay in getting the blog on line. Indeed, many place we stay at don't have an internet connection at all.

Sometimes, I'm just too tired to do anything!

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  1. We are appreciative of the fact,that we are able to follow this journey.To know you are both well and enjoying yourselves is good.Eliz.