Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day Twenty Nine – Wednesday 24 August 2016

Day Twenty Nine – Wednesday 24 August 2016

Still in Worms - Rest Day - and a little problem!

I hardly had any sleep last night. JP and I went to bed at 2100 hrs. and by 0630 hrs. I'd only had about 15 - 20 minutes sleep, so I decided to have a rest day.

This morning, we cycled down to the banks of the River Rhine and watched a few barges go past, then called into a bicycle shop to get some chain lubricant.

This afternoon, we went to the swimming park, which JP always enjoys. On returning to the bicycle park we found that my bicycle was missing; presumed stolen. JP offered me his bike to ride and said he would run alongside - what a hero!  I didn't accept his kind offer, so I walked back to the youth hostel where we are staying. I then went to the police station and reported the missing bicycle.

I'm now working on what to do next. We need to get to the Hook of Holland by about 30 August and get to Harwich where Grace will meet us. Of course, having no bicycle means I have no way of carrying all our camping stuff, let alone riding anywhere.

I'm thinking about a few options so all will be resolved in the near future. Just another of life's little challenges!

(Incidentally, I have just updated yesterday's blog page.)

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