Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Day Twelve - Sunday 7 August 2016

Day Twelve - Sunday 7 August 2016

Day of rest at Jestetten.

I decided we'd get going and get some more miles under our belt. In fact, we had already done some packing before I changed my mind and decided to have a rest day. At least, I did. JP, as usual doesn't know what rest is when there is a swimming pool available.

Of course, getting JP out of bed to start with wasn't easy - it never is.

Most shops in Germany are closed on Sunday's but I managed to walk to a Baker's shop nearby during the couple of hours it was open and get enough food to last us for the day.

I'd made friends with a delightful German couple the evening before, Patrick and Michaela. Their tent was next to ours so that was how we'd got to know each other a little. They also had a ten year old daughter, Leonora.

One of the first jobs on this Sunday morning was getting our filthy clothes washed. There was no dryer so, once they'd been in the washing machine, I rigged up a couple of washing lines and hung them to dry. It was a scorching hot day so they dried quite quickly.

JP, as always, made the most of the day in the swimming pool:

I adjusted the brakes on our bicycles as the cables had stretched - hardly surprising in view of the use they's had in the mountains.

Later, in the evening, we were invited to have a meal with Patrick and Michaela. What a lovely time we all had. As the sun went down the temperature rapidly dropped and we all ended up with jumpers and fleeces on.


  1. Glad you're both well and happy.Love Eliz.XX

  2. Nice seeing JP having fun. Be careful JP the way you dive! Love you both XXX