Monday, 22 August 2016

Day Twenty Two – Wednesday 17 August 2016

 Day Twenty Two – Wednesday 17 August 2016

Rest Day

Woke up feeling really tired at 0530 hrs. Went back to bed but couldn't sleep. Got up at 0700 hrs. feeling even more tired so tried to sleep again for another hour before rising properly to go to the bakers shop on the site for milk and food. JP also wanted to stay on the site for another day so that was it – decision made – we'd have a rest day. Had breakfast of rolls, cheese, milk and chocolate doughnuts. I booked another night's stay at the site office and bought more food and drink to last us through the day. It was quite a cool start to the day but the sun soon broke through the patchy clouds. At least the washing has a proper chance of drying now.

Next to our tent was a single young man who worked as a scientist in theoretical physics at Tuebingen University whilst completing his PhD in capillary forces. He was escaping for a week or so without mobile telephone or e-mails to worry about.

JP and I went back to bed again after our scientist friend had left. JP slept until 1230 hrs. then went off on his travels around the campsite whilst I snoozed for another hour by which time the clothes were dry and I could pack them in our pannier bags.

JP returned for something to eat at about 1400 hrs. then buzzed off again, returning quite quickly with a mango flavoured ice cream for me.

I went for a walk around the lake. I heard JP yelling “Dad!” and saw him swimming towards me – well on his way across the full width of the lake – about 1250 metres. I was so proud of him swimming this distance, albeit worried that something might happen to him. I was very relieved when he made it across safely and wouldn't let him swim back as was his wish. Too dangerous. He walked back round to the other side with me – safer that way.

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