Sunday, 28 August 2016

Day Thirty Three – Sunday 28 August 2016

Day Thirty Three – Sunday 28 August 2016

Travelling by train from Dusseldof to Hoek van Holland, then by bicycle to Monster.

My puncture repair held! Great.

We got away from the youth hostel at about 0950 hrs. - One hour before the train was scheduled to depart. We got on board on time and away we went to Venlo, then changed trains to Rotterdam, then another train to Hoek van Holland. We arrived on time and off we pedalled on the North Sea Cycle Route - a path that runs very close to the beach. With the wind behind us it was a very rapid journey (about 10 km.) and we were soon delighted to see the houses of Monster come into view. After all, this had been our home for nearly two years.

JP raced ahead as soon as we came close to the village and had already banged on the door of Erik and Katja's home well before I arrived to find him chatting to Katja. We arrived at about 1530 hrs.

We were made so welcome, it was like being at home (our former home being just next door).

Katja looked after us (and continues to do so) like an angel.

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