Friday, 12 August 2016

Day Fifteen - Wednesday 10 August 2016

Day Fifteen - Wednesday 10 August 2016

Rheinfelden to Basel - about 25 km.

Today has been a struggle - especially for JP.  Despite limiting his swimming time to not much more than an hour, JP has found it hard to keep going today - hence the short distance covered.

We rode into Rheinfelden and found this to be quite an interesting place. We went in to a local bakery and, as is so often the case, bought some food and milk and sat out side the shop tucking into our picnic. I can down a litre of milk in one sitting, especially when it's hot. In terms of weather, it is often cold one day and roasting hot the next.

After Rheinfelden, we pressed on to Basle where we paid a quick visit to the cathedral before finding some food.

We then set out to find a campsite a few kilometres outside the city. By this time we were rather cold and the weather wasn't encouraging. We dashed over the bridge into Germany to visit the supermarket to buy food and brought it back to the campsite to eat.

The wind picked up whilst we were eating yet another picnic, so we escaped into the tent where there was some chance of being a little warmer.

It was at this site that we met John and Cheryl. Cheryl was originally from The Netherlands and John from Sydney, but they now lived in London. They went off to see a movie at the local primary school so we didn't see them again until the following day.

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